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Germain Media Team
Who We Are

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Germain Media is an award-winning digital media marketing company that has been helping clients for over 20 years.

Germain Media is constantly growing and evolving our expertise to keep up with the latest marketing trends. When we began as St. Germain Media Services in 1999, we worked in print media. But as the marketing landscape changed, so did we. Today, Germain Media is the premier digital marketing agency in the North Carolina High Country.

Meet the

Germain Media Team

The Guru
Kelley St. Germain

The founder and main man at Germain Media. He runs the show and is our principal photographer and drone pilot.

The Tech
Tristan Ham

Germain Media's resident nerd, Tristan handles the techy things from developing websites, to audio engineering.

The Voice
Scott Ballard

A former radio broadcaster, Scott is well-versed in hosting, narration, interviewing and script writing.