What We Offer Our Clients

Catalog of Services

Developing a Vision

By listening to our clients needs and thoughts, we creatively craft a master plan with executable steps, dates of completion, and areas of responsibility.

Scripting & Storyboarding

We write all scripts needed for a project. To maximize our efficiency, we develop a shot list & storyboard for each project before shooting video.

Video Production

Based on Master Plan previously agreed upon, our Team handles all video & audio recording, using a variety of cameras and mics to professional record any interviews and B-roll. Equipment we use includes includes gimbals, tripods, drones, etc.


We were at the forefront of the drone industry when they first became available for purchase. We are FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilots who understand how to use drones for cinematic purposes. We offer both aerial video and still images.


During video shoots, we frequently have a dedicated crew member shooting high quality photography stills. These can be used in the final video product or can be used for things like social media. We also offer stand-alone photography packages, particularly for special events.

Visual Efffects

Every project has different needs and expectations. Whether your project needs virtual design, digital animation, cartoons, color grading, or something else, Germain Media has the expertise to perfectly fulfill your vision.


We work with a wide number of voice actors to produce professional narration tracks. Before a single sentence is recorded, however, we present each client with a variety of samples so they can pick the voice that best represents their brand.


Post Production is where all the pieces of the puzzle are assembled. Whether is is footage from an A-camera or a B-camera, a GoPro, a drone, or even old photos provided by the client, we expertly weave everything together to tell the very best story possible.

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